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Growth Hack Tips

What if we told you that with one little hack ALL your Linkedin content marketing posts can reach a minimum of 1000 views per post. How? Automated Engagement Pods. Linkedin's algorithm works by: -Judging content based on the engagement, comments, and view-time it receives. -Creating a lookalike audience of people most engaged with the content you've posted. -Showing your content to that lookalike audience. -Rinsing & repeating till engagement dies out. Growth Hackers can "hijack" this process through the use of something called engagement pods. The process is fairly simple: Create some well copywritten/professionally filmed content. Apply the right hashtags. Head over to a tool called Lempod and post the content the in relevant pods (important for the creation of a relevant lookalike audience) Select the comments you'd like on your post. And... WOW Your post is semi-organically "boosted".

Reach us to any of our team members to discuss how we can organically take your business to the really next level !

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