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Growth Hack Tips #2

Growth Hack Your ICO/IEO/STO 😮 Video Content = Transparency 💻 There's one #GrowthHack all #crypto companies can do to 10x themselves in less than 90 days. But most don't do it... #Videocontent. In an industry like ours, #transparency is literally amongst the key differentiators amongst the projects that will succeed, and the projects that will not. This growth hack literally amidst those top-performing low-cost yet highly effective tips. The steps are simple: -Research your offering's sub-niche to see what's currently trending. (An example: Crypto AI Project researching what's trending in AI within the previous week) -Turn your webcam on, and record yourself discussing your opinion on the industry's latest developments. -Post the video on Linkedin and repurpose it for Youtube (Evergreen Content) -"Rinse & Repeat" at least once per week. Results?

Immediate Increase in Project's Transparency. and... Your Content marketing plan might potentially turn into a thought leadership position if competition from other projects is low.

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