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Growth Hacking and influencer Outreach !

Influencer Outreach 👀 So this growth hack is really similar to another on how to automate your investor outreach. The only difference is targeting. Instead of outreaching to all profiles titled as "Investor", "VC", "Angel Investor", etc. We are outreaching to everyone titled "#Crypto #Influencer" and "#Crypto #Enthusiast", etc.

Steps for this #growth #hack are simple & low-cost: -Get We-Connect (Linkedin outreach tool) -Connect it's webhook to Integromat (for pulling emails and saving it to a Gmail automated spreadsheet) -Search for "Crypto Influencer" or "Crypto Enthusiast" on Linkedin. (other searches work too) -Create a pre-defined template you'd like it to outreach with on both email & Linkedin. -Check results. -Adjust your copy accordingly for best results. (Optional) Hire a VA to check the progress of conversations.

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