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Leveraging YouTube for your brand !

Leveraging YouTube for your brand without having to use YouTube Ads or Influencer marketing ! but how ?

YouTube Super Chat is the next way to go.😀

👉 Go to any live video related to your Brand/Niche & find the biggest channel with most viewers possible

👉On the right side of the video on your laptop, you’ll find live chat

👉 Add a comment with great content promoting your brand (A very rough example => Hey, would anyone be interested in receiving ‘Y’ product for free check out ‘XXX brand’ to get it now)

Side note: Try to make it as less salesy as possible. There’s a 50 character limit and you can’t add links, hence the need for excellent copywriting skills.

👉 Spend anywhere between $5 - $50. The more the money the longer your comment will stay on top of the chat for the world to see.

👉 Two great benefits of this

1) Instant ROI (If around 10k people are watching that video all of them would see your comment that instant)

2) people watching it on repeat would see it too (So as long as that video is up you have a one-time paid ad on youtube


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