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You Want Your Crypto Project To Rank Higher on SEO?


Use this back-linking Growth Hack... 🐱‍🏍

The growth hack is known as the "broken link building" method.

This hack will essentially 20x your Crypto website's SEO and lead to a surge of organic traffic, all due to an increase in Domain Authority as other websites start backlinking to you.

How to do it:

1. Get one of our tools that analyze broken links

2. Google your keyword and open each link.

3. Hit the icon of our tool and it will show you all broken links.

4. Reach out to the blog owner and offer to replace the broken link with your own link.

This method practically entails plugging your content into other blog posts with broken links on topics you've either already blogged about, or topics you're planning to blog about.

This is the same method we used to recently grow a partner's organic views, within 5 months, from 0 to 2000 visits/day.


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